Haute Heritage: Culture In Your Closet

A thought occurred to me recently that brought about feelings of both nostalgia and wonder. I thought about how sometimes we can lose touch with who we are and where we come from. Growing up as first-generation American of Jordanian and Palestinian descent, I was always surrounded by our vibrant culture. From clothing and foods, to music and dance, my life has been influenced by a very rich heritage that spans generations. After the passing of my grandparents, I wondered to myself if the customs and traditions that I was fortunate enough to experience as a child would eventually fade away in the future, or will my generation honor our past and preserve our cultural identity. Without the influence of those who possess the knowledge and history of our traditions, it can be hard to hold onto the aspects of our culture. I hope the pride in our heritage will be instilled in those who follow, because it is such a beautiful thing to have. Not to mention, the fashion pieces are just gorgeous. This is why I was so inspired to write about this topic. Keeping little relics of culture in your closet are a way of holding onto where you came from.

Okay, so time for the looks. I was fortunate enough to have a grandmother, May, who was just as much into fashion, style and travel as I am. I am also lucky that pieces from her wardrobe are in beautiful condition and are so easy to incorporate into everyday looks.The jacket featured in this post was also a key influencer. All of the pieces feature “tatreez” style stitching which is an intricate style of Palestinian embroidering. In the town of Ramallah, where my grandmother was from, this style stitching is all over everything like shoes, bags, dresses and tops, and can be found at almost every store. Brands such as J. Crew and Topshop have recently curated pieces influenced by Palestinian culture. I also couldn’t pay homage to my grandmother without a stack of gold bangles, as these clink together to make a sound that reminds me so much of her and my childhood. I had so much fun pairing these items with such modern looks and everything that is linkable is linked below!

Jeans: Old Navy

White Lace Crochet Top: TJ Maxx

Bag: Prada Small Saffiano Camera Bag

Bangles: Kishek Jewelers

Top: ASOS-New Look Mesh Panel Shell Top

Skirt: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Chanel

Shoes: Merona Matilda Lace Up Heel

CL by Laundry Jessie Sandal

Chinese Laundry Sophia Sandal

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