Something happened to me. It was something that had been building up for 29 years and 364 days. I knew it was going to come and I was sure that it was going to impact me in an unspeakable way. Then, on March 28, 2017, it happened. I turned 30. THIRTY. Ew. What? NO. The end of my roaring twenties. The end of the decade where I let my adventure flag fly. Traipsing around Europe on numerous trips. Dancing in the rain on the streets of Amsterdam. Meeting strangers and wandering the ancient streets of Rome until six in the morning. Figuring out that short hair was in fact the most suitable style for my face shape. It was a blur of ten years that took forever, but went too fast. So, when thirty happened, I was sure that it meant that the adult thing started and life was over. Technically, it’s supposed to start when you’re 18, but I have always been slow at things. (It took me ten years to get my college degree. For the sake of examples.) But…I did it. I entered adulthood. It’s here and I feel…absolutely no difference. I know that there will be more foreign streets to walk on. More nights of pub crawls and dancing to unfamiliar songs in unfamiliar places. More “probably irresponsible of me to buy this bag right now BUT the fashion gods must be appeased” moments. Now, I feel only as if it is time. Time to share my life with you. To impart some of the wisdom that my twenties gifted me with. From style and beauty to travel tips and advice. I’m for you. The everyday girl who maybe just isn’t a romper person or whose cat-eye liner doesn’t always match. Or someone who has the wanderlust bug but doesn’t know where or how to start exploring the world around them. Or the girl who is thinking “shouldn’t I be married with kids by now?” (Hint: the answer is: not if you aren’t ready for that yet.) So, as life comes at you, I’ll be here blogging away, hoping that what I am putting out there is helping you in some way. I’m your girl. I’m Reen. xoxo