Turns out, I’m a Maxxinista.

I’ve always dubbed myself “lover of things” whenever describing myself in a shortbio or on my social media channels. Until recently, I have done most of my “thing loving” shopping at Target where I could really do some damage. That was until a new TJ Maxx opened up down the street from me and OMG it was seriously like an amusementpark had popped up in the neighborhood. Usually, I reserve my makeup buying forSephora, Ulta or drugstores, but I was in need of new blush and a makeup blender.I saw this pallet by BH Cosmetics which I got for a steal at only $9.99. I like how my blushturned out after applying, so this ones a keeper. The makeup blender by Beauty Concepts is just okay. It was a little too firm, even when adding water. Definitely no comparison to the original Beauty Blender or my fave by Real Techniques. Okay, so I have an issue with the mugs at TJ Maxx. They are just too cute, and I literally haveto buy one each time I go. I had to share this one which isn’t available online, but check out their mug selection! I think that I was head to toe clothes from TJ Maxx in this outfit, save for my flats which are from my former flameTarget (still luv u). I recently bought the shirt and I’ve had the jeans, which  are on their last leg (or two legs hehe). Anyway, I’m obsessed with the dramatic sleeve trend that has been around for the past year and I welcome it to stay as long as it wants.

This top is a more mild version of the trend, but I’m loving it.